Alfa Romeo Stelvio

When I saw Alfa Romeo Stelvio for the first time on the prototype photos I didn’t like it at all. The design just wasn’t my type. When I saw it live on the street my attention had been captured for a while but still desire to this car wasn’t so strong. Everything changed when I drove Stelvio first few kilometers. I have never thought SUV can round corners so quick, smooth, like with zero effort. If I had to describe this Alfa Romeo in one sentence – it rides almost as good as Giulia but you sit higher and see everything better. Huge respect for Italians for achieving such effect!

What is more, when I finished cruising this car with no reason around the city, I noticed the exterior beauty of this car and I can easily say Stelvio is the most stylish SUV in it’s class, no doubts about it.

Alfa Romeo cars are all about emotions – driving and design. Perfect!


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